ADVERTISEMENT is a website designed to help individuals to sell handcrafted and unique items.  You may have a specific gift such as making handcrafted jewelry, pottery, glass goods, or wood work if so this is the perfect tool to help you sell these products.  You also may have unique(one of a kind) items or antiques that you would like to sell once again this is the perfect tool to use to reach a large volume of consumers who may be interested in your items.  If you have always dreamed of owning your own business consider opening up a store on our website.


Using Keepitcrafty is EASY!


Step 1: Click Register link to enter all of your information to set up your account to sell

Step 2: Once Registered, click Sell.  It is here where a tutorial will walk you through uploading your pictures for items w ith descriptions to sell.

Step 3: Choose Category for Items

Step 4: Listing Format.  Here you will choose either

                            FIXED PRICE SELL:  Sell item(s) at a flat price.

                           CLASSIFIED AD: Generate leads by advertising items or services.

Step 5: Enter Name and Price of item to be listed.  Enter payment details to you.  It's easiest with a PayPal Account.  If you are not a current PayPal Account holder, you can register for one at

                         Payment Instructions (Optional):  This is used to leave instructions to the buyer if you have additional payment


                         Tax Rate: (optional) Here you enter the current taxable rate for your area.  If you choose to build tax into the cost

                         of your item, just make that clear in the description of the item.  E.g. cost includes tax...

                         Shipping Rates:  Enter cost  to ship your fabulous item to its new home.

                         Description:  This box is where you will work your magic to give your item the best description for potential buyers.

Step 6: Listing and Photo:  This step will allow you to customize how long you want your item listed on the site and how often you want it to relist.  Also, you can customize counter views.


EXTRA EXPOSURE!! You will see where you may choose for an additional fee to have your product listed in different areas of the site including Gallery listing.  These options are optional, but for such a nominal fee, it will put your product in front of others.

After listing, you will follow down the page as it asks you in the following blocks to upload your picture.  The first two images are ON THE HOUSE.  However, you may choose to load additional images for a fee. 

Thats it, you are all set!!  You may email with any additional questions.


Happy Selling!

Amber Richart

Director of Marketing




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